What is The Highlands Ability Battery?

thabThe Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard among assessment tools measuring a person’s abilities.  An ability is something that is hard-wired and enduring, unlike a skill, which you can acquire and lose if you do not use it.  The Highlands Ability Battery is comprised of 19 different work samples. These work samples are objective tasks specifically designed to use one ability at a time.  The use of work samples rather than self-report inventories differentiates The Highlands Ability Battery from other assessment tests as an objective assessment tool.


IMG_0275What can I expect from The Highlands Ability Battery?

People are happiest and perform best when their natural abilities are employed to the fullest.  I help individuals to identify their unique patterns of abilities, enabling them to approach learning, communication and problem-solving more effectively.  Armed with this knowledge, people are able to avoid stress and achieve greater satisfaction in their work by seeking careers that are compatible with their natural abilities and personal style.


Who should take the Highlands Ability Battery?

The Highlands Ability Battery can be administered to students ages 15 years old and up, and adults.

For students feedback from the battery can:

  • guide decisions about types of study programs and curriculum
  • identify best fit/learning environment for colleges
  • pinpoint careers/occupations to explore


For adults and students, feedback can identify:

  • best learning channels
  • communication style
  • problem-solving/decision-making styles
  • optimal work environment
  • careers to consider


How can I apply The Highlands Ability Battery to my career and life choices?

Information gleaned during your feedback session will put you well on your way to seeking and finding a satisfying career path.  Follow-up individual coaching is also available for people who would like to explore additional factors that can impact career satisfaction.  Research has shown that having a vision is the single most predictive variable for success.  There are 8 critical factors that impact a person’s satisfaction in their life and career.  Through individual coaching each of these critical factors is explored in depth, allowing you to develop an integrated personal vision.


What kind of feedback will I receive?

The Highlands Ability Battery is offered on an individual basis, as well as group feedback situations.

Individual feedback meetings are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long, and you will receive an in-depth report, explaining your results, along with online interactive supplements, including links to career possibilities outlined on the O*NET.

Group feedback programs are also available to schools and companies that desire to offer the Highlands Ability Battery to a large group of individuals. Each participant will receive their own report and interactive supplements (described above) and participate in a Group Feedback Meeting with other participants. These programs are specifically tailored to the needs of the organization, and often include options for additional brief 1:1 meetings.