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I believe that people of all ages naturally grow along a path of health and well-being. However, there are pivotal times when personal crises, leadership development opportunities, or career transitions create crossroads where input from an objective professional leads to the best outcomes.

Within a caring and respectful relationship, I help people to achieve their goals, take charge of their emotional and physical health and leverage their strengths and talents so that they can enhance their personal and/or professional growth.

I am known not only for my technical skills and knowledge, but also for my warmth, sense of humor and practical approach, which inspire people to change, even when change seems difficult. I believe you are never too young, too old, too “stuck” or too experienced to grow, learn, and create the life you desire. I strive to help everyone I work with to achieve positive long-term change so they can be their best selves and live life to the fullest.